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MARCH 4, 2017 Sat 12 PM -2PM
Join Us for Pizza & Learn about all of EMS

Tactical Groups education offerings.
Free information seminar
 T&C Gunsmithing Newark, NY
Medical Training For The High Risk Enviroment

Pre-registration is appreciated or 315-573-7565

T&C Gunsmithing

Permits, Training and Reloading Class schedule

Open House March 04, 2017

Basic Range officers course March 11, 2017 9AM

March 19, 2017 Civilian Trauma Care 1 -3PM Pre-registration required 315-573-7565

NRA Personal Protection inside the home March 25, 2017

April 8th 10 AM T & C Microburst Class

Reloading Class

​ April 1, 2017 11AM-2PM   Different classes offered on a regular basis. They are held every third Saturday of the month. Call the shop for details. Must preregister and pay the $50 cost for all classes. This includes donuts, coffee and lunch as well as the class. 

Utah Pistol License Class

  March 18, 2017 10AM     - Call the shop or stop in to preregister and put down a  deposit. Space is limited.  Please bring in your deposit ASAP to reserve your spot. Cost is $95.00 and it will be from   10 am to 2 pm. For registration, stop in at T&C GUNSMITHING

Basic Pistol Class

     We are now offering NRA Basic Pistol Courses, and T&C Gunsmithing Basic Pistol Courses on the following dates, along with Private lessons. 1 on 1 certified range instruction is also available call for details and pricing. Preregister and deposit required.  Space is limited.